Welcome to the IU Indianapolis Center for Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP). I'm glad that you're here. There are a lot of exciting things going on at the center that I'm pleased to share with you. Many faculty members at IU Indianapolis are conducting important research and making significant contributions to improve all aspects of people's lives.

The IU Indianapolis Center for TRIP is a celebration of these faculty researchers. The center both identifies IU Indianapolis's translational scholars and recognizes their work in several programs. We are excited about the potential to bring local and national attention to the great work that our faculty are doing on the IU Indianapolis campus!

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A message from Dr. Sandra Petronio, Founding Director, IU Indianapolis Center for Translating Research Into Practice:

Clearly, IU Indianapolis is a translational campus. The very fabric of research conducted on this campus speaks to the way discoveries, once known from research, can be put into practice. These evidence based practices change our lives, the way we think about ideas, the way we make choices about our healthcare, and the way that we come to understand many aspects about our everyday lives. We are very excited to see the volume of work our scholars are involved in and the number of programs that are geared toward illustrating the consequences of engaging in translational research.

There are many ways people are beginning to define and conceptualize translational research. I have worked in the discipline of communication since 1998 writing and developing the way the field of communication is translational. To assist you in understanding more about translational research, please see the articles below. From time to time, we will post articles about translational research from our IU Indianapolis scholars on this site. So, when you visit us, please stop by and see what new articles we have to offer.

  • JACR Commentaries on Translating Research into Practice: Introduction
  • Translational Research Endeavors and the Practices of Communication Privacy Management
  • WSCA Presidential Address 2002
  • Translating Scholarship into Practice: An Alternative Metaphor

If you have articles you have written about translational research and would like to share them, please contact Stephan Viehweg, Associate Director, at  ude[dot]ui[at]gewheivs.

As you explore this site, with all the thought-provoking and stimulating examples of translational research on the IU Indianapolis campus, you will see how these scholars have put their research into action to make our lives better. You are welcome to ask the scholars questions. If you are a faculty member on the IU Indianapolis campus, you are also invited to include your translational research programs. We hope to foster cross-disciplinary conversations among faculty, students, and community members as we embrace complex problems and identify practical ways to make our lives better. Ultimately, we want everyone to realize the significance of the work these IU Indianapolis translational scholars contribute.